Bushland to Clintonville

First of all, I want to start this off by saying thanks so much to those of you that read my blog. I installed this little counter at the bottom of the page to see how many hits I get, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the growing number. Well, we started our morning a little late today, completely thrown off by the time change. Hit up the complimentary breakfast at our hotel, and lo and behold – Texas-shaped waffles! (As shown here – but I can’t take credit for the picture.) We hopped in the car slash monster vehicle, and headed East. Oklahoma is boring. I wouldn’t recommend ever going there. Arkansas was a little prettier, but we passed through some “interesting” smells. For a while, it reeked of garbage, then it was manure, and finally – mothballs. I would never expect a city to smell like Mothballs, but the area of North Little Rock near the Cracker Barrel at which we dined this evening proudly reeked like a new plastic shoe from San Francisco Chinatown. The drive today, though boring, allowed us to watch another eight episodes of Sex and the City. Now we’re all tucked in comfortably at the Hampton Inn, and tomorrow it’s on through Arkansas and Tennessee. We haven’t yet decided how far we’re gonna go, but I think we might press on to Virginia to make Saturday’s drive a little easier. Sorry if this blog is a litte boring – I admit that I’m not very inspired to be witty when I’m more concerned with leaping cicadas. More tomorrow! Countdown to NYC: 3 days!

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