Aliens in New Mexico?

How frustrating is it to lose two hours? Quite. It’s only 8:53 pm in my mind, but almost 11 pm in actuality. Today we drove through Arizona, New Mexico, and good ol’ Texas. I almost threw up when we saw the sign that read “Texas: Home of President George W. Bush.” Not too long after this signage, we passed through the community (Texas-speak for cattle ranch) of “Bushland.”

Houston, we have a problem.

Well, if you would like to turn your attention away from the right and towards the left, you can see a picture of yours truly in front of the Petrified Forest of Arizona. Nothing too exciting from the outskirts of Highway 40, but they did have a workable rest stop and a friendly gas station attendant. Aside from our adventures into petrified wood (and my attempts at petrified body positions), my mom and I also watched the complete fifth season of Sex and the City. I must add however, that this season was comprised of only eight episodes – because of Sarah Jessica Parker’s pregnancy. It really seems like cheats you when eight episodes of your favorite TV show costs the same as fourteen episodes.

Speaking of three letter names, I’ve been considering to go by Ashley Anne Harrell instead of boring old Ashley Harrell. Your thoughts? I will ponder this as we drive through Oklahoma and Arkansas – watching Season Six, Parts One and Two.

One thought on “Aliens in New Mexico?

  1. Martinski Sveckle August 16, 2007 / 6:48 pm

    So I would be petrified too if I was as close to “Bushland” as that forest… not to mention all the crazy white folk running around like yourself! :PAAH… Anne. AAH. Anne. AAH… Anne.

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