A Confederacy of Dunces?

Call me a lefty, a yankee, an donkey or an ass… but what is with the hicks in the south with their Confederate flags? How can a person proclaim the “God Bless America”s while they wave the other red, white, and blue from the back of their Ford pickup? Isn’t that flag the symbol of division and conflict in this nation? I do not understand… these self-proclaimed “red-necks” flaunt the image everywhere, and actually call the Civil War the “War of Northern Agression.” Seriously. It is fabulously sickening. Needless to say, we are still in the red states – Virginia to be precise. We powered on through Tennessee and made it 17 miles past the border of Virginia – putting us only about 600 miles away from my new home! Of course, the thing that got us through the long drive today was another HUGE dose of Sex and the City – we only have one episode left of the series! Well, I am quite excited to just be there already, especially as Brian called me this afternoon to update the newly installed countertops and polished floors in our place! For all you all in NYC, get ready for a fantastic house-warming party in a month or so! Also for all you all in NYC, if you are available on Sunday afternoon, please check in on East 93rd and 2nd Avenue to help unload my car up six flights of stairs… 🙂

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