Ch- ch- ch- ch- changes

Those close to me right now already know that I’ve gone through some pretty tremendous changes in the last month.  Several weeks ago, I received an email from New York Casting Networks, outlining a part for a new production called “The Ride.”  It seemed too perfect to believe – even one of my friends forwarded the notice to me, saying “you need to submit to this!”  Although I was happy with the work I was doing at ACE (Association of Community Employment Programs for the Homeless), this seemed like the perfect job opportunity to transition me back into performing regularly.

On Monday, September 20th, I submitted my headshot and resume for the job.  On Tuesday, I received a call to come in for an audition at the casting agency.  A few hours after my audition on Thursday morning, I was called and offered the job.  My first rehearsal was on Friday, September 24th, and my first performance was the very next evening (friends and family – phew!).  The next Monday, I gave my four-week notice at ACE and spent the next month between Times Square and SoHo.  It was grueling and exhausting, but it was an experience that set me back on track and reminded me why I moved to New York City.

It was a very difficult decision to put in my notice at ACE, after spending nearly two years investing my time, energy and emotion for a non-profit whose mission I truly support.  It’s my hope that the organization will continue to thrive and grow under their new development leadership – and that I will still stay closely involved with their work.  If you haven’t already, I highly encourage you to spend some time reviewing the website, and MAKE A DONATION!   Even just a few dollars makes a difference.  In the time I spent there, I rarely asked any of my friends and family to contribute money to ACE, so if you are considering being charitable this holiday season – please consider ACE as a worthwhile investment.  The men and women that I met in Project Comeback and Project Stay were some of the most inspiring people I have ever encountered.

Well, now that I am fully invested in a creative venture as my primary income – I am… calm for the first time in a while.  I know that things are risky, I know that it’s unlikely I’ll be able to survive solely on this income, but I love my new job.  I don’t want to give too much away of course, but I basically stand outside Carnegie Hall (wearing a microphone and in-ear headset) and perform for The Ride as it passes along 57th Street.  I have met some crazy, cooky characters in my nine weeks there so far, and I’m loving every moment of it.  I have some friends going on The Ride tonight, and I can’t WAIT to hear what they think.

From The Ride’s website – in case you need more of an explanation:

THE RIDE takes everything that makes New York, New York and kicks it into overdrive.

Riders will board THE RIDE, a super-sized, technologically amped up vehicle that travels the streets of New York. With stadium-style, sideways seating and massive windows, Riders have front row seats to the big city.

You never know what you’ll see or who you’ll meet along the 4.2-mile route. No matter how many times you take THE RIDE, it’s never the same show twice.

From Grand Central to Central Park, THE RIDE provides a look at New York and its people in a way that you’ve never seen before. You’ll laugh, you’ll be wowed, you might even learn something.

In other news – I’m excited to get back on the auditioning track again – next week is Addams Family, and Mamma Mia isn’t too far behind that.  Oh, and some pretty big news – the Huffington Post is publishing an online exclusive on my story!  So stay tuned for that.  Life sure is crazy sometimes.

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