Dreaming Really Fast

Following up to my previous post, I had the pleasure of drinking about three shots of espresso yesterday – right before my rehearsal (about 7 p.m.).  Unfortunately for me, drinking coffee before going to sleep did not make me “dream faster,” as they mention in Coffee and Cigarettes.  No, my body resolved to keeping me awake until about 2 a.m.  I think I was doubly influenced by the caffeine levels in my bloodstream and the anticipation of the coming weeks.

Today, my brother Kyle is flying into town, and we are spending the weekend together for his first New York City excursion.  I haven’t seen Kyle since March, so I am really looking forward to some quality time together.  We are both so excited for the Yankees game tomorrow evening – I just can’t decide whether I want to root for New York or California!  Well, I already have the Yankees hat, so I guess I’m an East Coast gal now.  Other grand plans for Kyle’s trip include moving some furniture (yep, my new least is starting tomorrow), The Dark Knight on IMAX, ASSSSCAT 3000 at UCB, and maybe some Coney Island action.  I think Kyle might be most excited for my riveting five-hour rehearsal on Saturday for “Nudists in Love.”  I feel terrible that I have all this other stuff going on while he’s here (a three hour sketch class on Sunday, work on Monday, work at UCB, etc)… but that’s my life!
And on the topic of moving to my new apartment… I’m planning a massive exile to the East Village on August 16th.  Who wants to help me in exchange for pizza and beer?

One thought on “Dreaming Really Fast

  1. Lore July 31, 2008 / 7:20 pm

    There we are, I found the comments. Have a wonderful visit with Kyle. Your loving Oma

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