I before E, except after C.

Is it weird that I- wait a minute. Is it wierd that I have to think about that rule everytime I’m writing a word like “briefly”. I’m not dumb, I know how to spell. It’s an exact sceince, you know – so don’t make fun of my insufficeincy. That little slogan just pulses through my viens and siezes my attention like the artful image in a kaliedscope. I hate the policeis of the English language.

I’m gonna make a coffee, I have a caffiene headache.

One thought on “Briefly

  1. Linda October 19, 2007 / 9:37 pm

    whenever I’m at work and have to chart occasionally I need to write shield, and I do the same – and at home, doing ebay and writing “receipt” again, that silly thing goes through my mind. (i before e except after c) I’m 49, you would think I wouldn’t have to do that anymore!

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