Nearly there

In just two weeks I’ll be departing for Greece.  I feel almost overwhelmed with emotion, yet at the same time I feel strangely numb and peaceful, just knowing that this is the right step for me to take next.  It’s astounding to think about where I was a few months ago, completely unaware of the ways in which my life would change.  And now, look at me!  Ready to take on the challenges of ABBA, Motown, Verdi, Billy Joel and Lady Gaga.  Yes.  Did I mention that already?  That I’ll be singing “Pokerface” and “Born This Way” in the deck party show we put on.  I’m not exactly sure yet, but I think they have me in a blonde wig and a Pokerface outfit (circa Grammy awards 2010).  Fingers crossed.

Now it is just a matter of preparing myself, both physically and mentally, for the new life in front of me.  So it’s time for new shoes right?  I bought these uber cool waterproof canvas and leather Sebago boat shoes for $10 at the little Astoria discount hot-spot, Theo & Theos. (Thanks Stephanie for telling me about this gem of a designer discount store!)  I’m basically trying to figure out the bare bones of what I need because I absolutely do NOT want to over pack. As it is, I’ll have an array of formal gowns and semi-formal cocktail dresses, as well as my guitar, so the idea of bringing more than necessary simply nauseates me.  Does anyone know of an affordable way to scan in a bunch of sheet music so I can carry just an electronic copy with me?  The alternative is bringing three massive binders of music along.  Not so much fun.  I’m also preparing to J.Crew-ify my wardrobe, after I get my first paycheck from the cruise, so I fit in a little more nicely with the crowd on board our ship.  My Uniqlo/Gap/Target/Urban Outfitters wardrobe might not cut it with the cruise director.  Besides appropriate clothes, I’m also trying to be mindful of other necessities for seven months at sea.  I just acquired a couple hundred movies and over 1000 e-books from one of the other entertainers (his ship departed over the weekend from Portugal), so I think I’ve got my entertainment covered.  I’m bringing about one months supply of toiletries, and hoping I can buy more stuff in Africa or wherever I end up when I run out!  Does anyone have any bright ideas of “must-have” items to bring aboard?  I just know I’ll think of something I forgot once I’m cruising the Mediterranean.  Your ideas are encouraged!

I am loving this down time in New York City before I set out for such a long stint abroad.  I have had a great time catching up with friends and reuniting with my lover, aka NYC. Last weekend was a great time, celebrating Autumn in the city by attending the Tompkins Square Dog Halloween Parade and then Smorgasburg in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


Borat was my favorite part of the Doggie Parade, obviously.  And Smorgasburg was great!  I enjoyed a carnitas taco from Cemita’s, and split an amazing doughnut with Jess.  And obviously tasted everything that was being offered.  On Sunday I got to catch up with Jenson, who was in town for work, and was THRILLED to see and spend time with Miss Natalie and her boyfriend, Nole.  This weekend will offer more festivities for the Halloween holiday, and I’m excited to catch up with Matt, who is in town from SF.  For my last weekend in the city, I’m planning a get together with friends at my apartment, and then on Sunday the 6th, Jess and I will participate in “The Amazing New York Race”, courtesy of Josh who gave us free passes.  (THANK YOU JOSH!)  This should be a GREAT time, and I’m sure my Amazing Race-obsessed family will be sufficiently jealous of my excursion.

Okay, time to get back to business.  My next step is figuring out how to freeze my cellphone or possibly get an international plan.  Then it’s off to practicing guitar because I really want to be a rockstar in my sunset acoustic set.  🙂

Ciao for now!