T-minus 77 hours…

What does that even mean? “T-minus…” I think I’ll have to google that.

[Pause for full effect.]

Okay, I’m back – just did the googling business, and I discovered that “T” stands for “takeoff.” The more humorous part of my sidetracked adventure into the internet super-highway (remember when they used to call it that?) was the point that the top ten hits were all other bloggers who had asked the same question on their pages… so much for originality.

Far too long of an introduction, Ashley. I’m quite scatterbrained at the moment as there is just way to much going on in my mind right now. Yesterday was Katie’s bachelorette party, today was the rehearsal and packing, tomorrow is more packing and the rehearsal dinner, and Sunday is the wedding. Monday is packing packing PACKING, then Tuesday morning we leave before the sun rises. Speaking of packing, my Mom gave me these super handy vacuum packer things that really diminished the pile of clothes, sheets, and towels I had stacked up last week. I don’t want to sound like an infomercial here, but these bags are amazing! The absurdity is that I still don’t think there will be enough room in the vehicle. (Keeping my fingers crossed!) The built up anxiety associated with this move is almost unbearable. I just cannot wait to actually get to the city… to walk around, soak in the surroundings, and… sweat from insufferable humidity. Did I mention we need to buy an A/C unit? Craigslisting it for sure.

i’m officially allowed to get excited because…

WE HAVE AN APARTMENT!!! Hooray!!! This is a huge weight off my shoulders after the stress of craigslist searching, emailing and phoning brokers, being confused about everything, AND… being sick. I just know that you all want to write to me and send me packages of lovely goodness, so my address is: 316 East 93rd Street, Apt 25, New York, NY 10128. I’ll be there on the 19th, so I’m expecting mail on the 20th!!! I’m too exhausted to say anything more – ahead of me is Katie and Jon’s wedding extravaganza, lotsa packing, and anxiety in general. Muah!