Film Racing Follow Up…

Just wanted to share some of the pictures we took on Friday/Saturday during our 24 hour NYC Film Racing Competition.

My “before” shot:

The Knife Parade

Ilya and I behind the camera

Sydney in front of the camera

Nope, I didn’t get any sleep – but it was SO worth it! We expect to be posting the video sometime next week, so stay tuned.

Been awake now for 41 hours…

Why am I writing a blog right now? Because I can.

We finished up our movie and turned it in with only 30 seconds to spare. I am incredibly satisfied with our product, though quite disappointed to inform you that we will in fact not be posting the video until next week – after the awards ceremony on April 5th.

I’m so proud of the great sketch we put together, along with some new technical and dramatic techniques never before incorporated by The Knife Parade.

On another note… I am pleased to announce that with 8 out of 31 votes (good job guys!), TriBeCa has been awarded the next location I will scout.

And on yet another note… I must inform you that there is absolutely no way I will be able to leave my apartment tomorrow (spent the last 30+ hour is various NYC locations). So – we’re saving TriBeCa for the following weekend, April 5th. It will be a good one!

Wow – how was I able to write this? I am getting in bed – probably for about 15 hours.

Hour Seventeen…

The Knife Parade is busy busy busy working on the 24 hour film right now… the theme was “Happy Birthday” and the surprise element was “hanging a picture” (this action needs to be incorporated into the film). I think that our project so far is going fantastically, but I also haven’t slept in more than thirty hours… seriously. I bought a new digital camera yesterday and so I have been diligent of keeping photographic tabs on all our work. Okay… I’m seriously having a tough time connecting words into sentences that make any sense.

24-hour Film Race

Have you ever stayed up all night? I guess most of us have had the last minute all-night study session, the ghost-story telling sleepovers, and the “I’m so excited for tomorrow I can’t sleep” moments.

Well tonight is going to be an all-nighter, and I can promise you a new Knife Parade video will be posted by Sunday. Oh yeah. Me and the boys are competing in the NYC Film Race 2008, a 24-hour video competition that lasts from 10pm Friday with a deadline of 9:59pm Saturday. Here’s how it works: the big Kahunas in charge will send us at email at 10:00pm, with a theme and a “surprise element” which must be incorporated into the film (last year’s theme was “fortune” and the surprise element was an egg). At stake is a first place prize of $2,500 along with a whole mess of video production software and the likes. Other awards are given for Best Direction, Acting, Writing, Cinematography, Editing, Original Music Score, Sound Design, Costume Design, Visual FX, Special FX, and others.

This should be interesting… I’ve had a crazy week with not enough sleep and I’m gonna be awake until tomorrow night? We’ll see about this… Anyone know of any advisable, legal, stimulants?