If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere… like the Superbowl, for instance.

Just wanted to write a quick note of celebratory cheer for our very own New York Giants and they just won Superbowl XLII!  Jess and I played it low-key in my apartment while we watched the game with some Magic Hat (a type of beer, for all you West-coasters) and chips/guac/salsa.  After the game-winning touchdown, we bolted out the door with our coats and headed to the nearest bar around the corner from my house, simply to partake in the festivities that are sure to happen with such a momentous win.  Sure enough, we stepped into “Blondie’s” right as Frank Sinatra’s voice started crooning “New York, New York.”  It felt f$%^ing fabulous.  (I’m censoring, as to keep my blog PG.)  But I think the streets were more interesting than the bars.  Even at this moment, I can hear inebriated Manhattanites stumbling through down the block and cheering nonsense words of “Boston Sucks” and “Yeaaahhaaaoooohhhh!”  I saw people standing on top of moving Taxi cabs, truck drivers stopping on 2nd Avenue blaring their horns, an intoxicated streaker trying to reapply his clothing, and a NYFD engine pulling over at each bar to cheer at the patrons.  It really is something to live in this city right now.  I suggest that you put on your vagabond shoes and leave today.