Six more weeks of winter…

Okay, okay… so sue me – I’ve been slacking on the updating of this here blog.  But I absolutely HAD to share with you the newest news of the day:

“On Gobbler’s Knob on this fabolous Groundhog Day, February 2nd, 2008, Punxsutawney Phil, the Seer of Seers, Prognosticator of all Prognosticators, Rose and cast a weathered eye toward thousands of his faithful followers.   Phil consulted with President Cooper and directed him to the appropriate scroll, which proclaimed:  ‘As I look around me, a bright sky I see, and a shadow beside me. Six more weeks of winter it will be!’ “

You remember Bill Murray’s movie “Groundhog Day?”  Well, I remember watching this movie when I was really young and thinking it was absolutely hilarious.  Last night as I was getting in bed, TBS started running the film around midnight, and I watched the first 15 minutes or so.  I was right as a kid – that movie is hilarious.  Bill Murray is a genius.  I imagine that very few people could make waking up to Sonny & Cher ten times in one movie as funny as he does.  Put it on your Netflix list if it’s been awhile.  Well, actually I’m sure it’s running many times today on TV, so sit down and relax in front of the tube for a bit.
In other news, no- I didn’t have a Know York adventure last weekend, but yes- I will be doing one today.  Stay tuned for the report.  Also – I was fortunate enough to sample three different top New York restaurants this week for Winter Restaurant Week – more info coming soon.  Lastly, I wanted to share my newest plans for this blog…   On the suggestion of my friend, Victor, I will be buying the domain of – so the blog will hopefully be up and running on that website next week or so.
More later. Ciao!

Artsy Fartsy Week

All it took was a great piece of advice: 50 mg of Benedryl, a glass of milk, and early to bed. Got this from both my mother and my Aunt Ingrid, and THANK GOD… Monday night was the most solid night of sleep I have had in a quite a while. Thankfully, I awoke Tuesday morning feeling rested and “ready for my close-up.” It was the big day: headshots. The one thing in an actor’s career that can define her, display her, and get her cast (or not). With the help of Roberto and Carol, my headshots turned out great! Now, I just have to pick up the CD, pick my favorite pictures, make any necessary touch-ups, and print print print! I will hopefully have all this done in time for the open call I’m hoping to attend in mid-October. To celebrate the completion of my much-dreaded photo shoot, Brian and I went to see Julie Taymore’s “Across the Universe,” the artsy fartsy, acid-tripping, glorious Beatles movie-musical studded with cameos from Bono, Salma Hayek, and the likes… I had read reviews of the movie that just knocked it down – but… I LOVED IT! I felt that it is the type of movie that appeals to a wide variety of people. It is my personal observation that singing in movies makes certain viewers feel uncomfortable or awkward, but the familiarity of these songs makes the show completely accessible to all. I mean, who doesn’t like The Beatles? Most notably, the scene of “Strawberry Fields” was enchanting. Julie Taymor’s vision whisks the audience away to a special place for just over two hours – simply fantastic! I would love to see it again, especially after Brian discovered the cast is packed with Broadway stars! And speaking of Broadway, last night we went to see “The Color Purple,” starring Fantasia. Though our seats were in the very last row of the theater, the stunning music and beautifully conceived visuals effectively translated Alice Walker’s literary masterpiece to the stage. Despite Fantasia’s breathy and croaky speaking voice, her character seemed well-developed and the singing (especially at the end of the show) was quite well received by the (very) enthusiastic audience. But I think my favorite performance was Sofia’s empowering solo, “Hell No!” Next on our list of Broadway shows to attend is the Broadway revival of “The Ritz,” playing in previews at Studio 54. I just love love love living with someone who not only knows all the best shows out there – he knows how to get the cheapest possible tickets! As for this weekend, not quite sure what is in store… maybe some piano bar lounging, or some painting, reading, strolling through the park… whatever I do – I am quite content being in greatest city in the world.

Settled in the City

A cellist playing on a moving subway train. That’s just one reason why I love New York. Well, things are really starting to come together here… my job is great, my apartment looks fabulous, the humidity has been cut in half in the last few days – what more could a girl ask for? Last weekend’s dinner extravaganza at my place was quite successful, and I think everyone really enjoyed the company and the food! The real showstopper of the evening was definitely the Apple, Goat Cheese, and Honey Tartlets – which were surprisingly easy to make with the assistance of frozen puff pastry. After leaving my apartment, our clan hopped into a taxi and hit up a few fun bars in the Meat-Packing District, including an ultra-hip outdoor lounge, a lighted-floor indie-disco hotspot, and a post-collegiate hangout packed with guys who couldn’t abandon their frat-boy lifestyle. All in all, a fabulous night. Miss Jess and I woke up Saturday morning at the ungodly hour of 1:00 pm (missing the neighborhood brunch special, much to our dismay), but made the afternoon fly by with a 3 o’clock screening of Batman and Robin. Thank you Netflix. I must admit that I had never seen it before – and man, was I impressed! I love those super campy films showcasing our governor. Wait a minute… not my governor – anymore. I am officially a New Yorker. That’s right, on Tuesday morning, after visiting the chilling former site of the Twin Towers, I headed to the DMV to apply for my New York State ID. I now have my “interim ID card,” just in case you were wondering. Well, I’m getting ahead of myself here- after watching our Saturday afternoon movie, Jess and I parted ways to get ready for another evening, down in the Lower East Side. I met up with Jenson and Jess, and several of Jenson’s pals, at a divey little bar for some local live music, including Jenson’s friend Kate. Kate played fabulously – we all had a great time. Afterwards, we met up with Laura Dieden from Theta, and went to “Pianos,” a little more upscale and a lot more expensive. One beer was enough for me, a really good one I might add: Magic Hat #9. Try it sometime! On Monday night, the gals all met up again to celebrate the official day of Jess’s birth, at Justin Timberlake & Co.’s restaurant “Southern Hospitality.” It was quite hospitable, might I add. Two dollar beers are always alright by me! And like I mentioned, on Tuesday morning, I headed down to Ground Zero to remember those who lost their lives on September 11th, 2001. The mood was somber and depressing, it actually made me feel physically ill for the rest of the day. Wednesday morning was a fabulous rejuvanation, as I woke up to a beautiful blue-skied day. The humidity was down, the umbrellas were put away, and I had a big fat smile on my face! I think I’m feeling even better because I’m really trying to committ to this regular exercise schedule of running every morning before work. It feels great to be outside and jogging around while everyone is hustling in their power-ties and skirt suits to get to the subway. I get to casually step back into my apartment and start work – what a life! A recent thought on my mind has been the idea of getting a kitten. Being at home alone all day is really weird, and having a little pet would make things seem more normal. I’ve been doing some online shopping of kitties at the local animal shelters, and today mailed a letter to my landlord asking for written permission that I can have a cat. If I’m going to do this, I don’t want to do it under the nose of my landlord and expect everything to be okay – I wouldn’t want to risk having to give up the cat if asked to do so by the property management. So, I guess I can’t really get too excited about anything until they give me the thumbs up! Well, I really need to get back to work… but tonight, Brian and I are seeing “A Chorus Line!” Hooray!

Back online!

Note: This was written earlier today, so forgive the rants – but I have internet now! I guess you might have inferred that from the fact I am posting a new blog containing a recent picture…

Not having internet is a real pain. I have been able, from time to time, to pick up an errant wireless signal from an unsuspecting tenant – but unfortunately, this is not enough to allow me to work from my “home office”. I actually called Time Warner Cable this morning to cancel my service (Verizon is hooking me up today), and they told me that if I had signed up as a business account, I would have had my service set up immediately. Jerks. Okay, enough whining and complaining.

I live in New York City! What could be better than that? How about living in a fabulous apartment in the best neighborhood of New York City? Being able to see some of your best friends from college on a regular basis while living in a fabulous apartment in the best neighborhood of New York City? I could go on – but I will spare you. Let’s see… what has happened since my last update? Well, we finally got our furniture from Ikea delivered, including our new couch and dining chairs! We bought a dining table last week, and now our place is starting to come together. I have kept myself occupied with little projects around the apartment including painting the coffee table, installing shelves, and buying an air conditioner (thank God!). This weekend was a nice four-day vacation – Brian and I went to see Shakespeare in the Park, The Public Theater presenting “Midsummer Night’s Dream” at Delacorte Theatre in Central Park. It was fabulous! We got slightly dressed up and enjoyed our free entertainment, along with hundreds others who also waited in line earlier in the day for the free tickets. On Saturday, Jess and I got an excuse to act like tourists and walk through the park eating Mister Softee and taking pictures with Drew, a first time visitor to New York! That night, we went to a fantastic bar in the East Village, and enjoyed schooling two upstate New York brats on how to play Beirut like a Santa Barbarian. Sunday was a lazy day around the neighborhood; I went out for a walk along the East River and saw “Becoming Jane” at a nearby movie theater. Yesterday morning, my friend Nick Robertson arrived from JFK quite early, so he basically buzzed in, walked up the six flights of stairs, and crashed for a few hours. When we got up, we traveled into Brooklyn and met up with his new roommate, and his sister and brother-in-law. The five of us saw their soon-to-be apartment in Bushwick, then drove down to Coney Island for the real fun! After strolling along the decaying boardwalk and hitting up Nathan’s Original for hot dogs (I only ate one, not 66), we decided to shell out $6 for the Freak Show. Best six bucks I ever spent. Not only did I get to see a man stick a running power drill through his nose, a fur-covered Mexican walk a tightrope, and a tattooed woman breathing fire – I involuntarily volunteered to pull a three-foot jagged steel sword out of a woman’s throat. This was not a trick. She actually had it down her throat. [Shudder.] But I think the best part of this show was “Serpentina.” Especially when she dipped the 12-foot python’s head into her mouth. Good ol’ freak show fun. I ended the evening by heading back up to Brooklyn and eating pizza on Jenson and Jess’ rooftop. Quite a fabulous weekend, if I might say so myself. As for today, I’m patiently waiting for Verizon’s “self-installation kit” to arrive via UPS. As soon as I get that, I’m back on track with my normal life.

Kit arrived. I’m a happy gal.