What an exciting day!  I set my alarm for an early rise this morning, and trudged out of the building around 6:30 AM to hop across the street to vote.  There was already a line going down the block, and it was about this time I realized I needed sufficient reading material and perhaps some food in my stomach.  So, back up four flights of stairs and then fifteen minutes later I was back in line.  I waited for about 45 minutes, then was finally able to take my turn behind the curtain.  Now, I’m not sure what your voting is like elsewhere, but in New York City, we use these prehistoric-looking machines which involve copious amounts of lever pulling and knob turning.  It’s quite an experience.  After casting my votes, I trekked across the East Village to Starbucks, grabbed my free coffee, and came back home for work.  

Today will be a day of anticipation, anxiety, and excitement.  Tonight will be quite an event, and we are celebrating by viewing the election coverage at the 11th Street bar in my neighborhood.  Perhaps some Obama cupcakes are in order?
Go out and vote!

Obama vs. Clinton

Just wanted to share this excerpt from today’s NY Times, covering yesterday’s Democratic Debate… my favorite quote to date in this presidential race.  Now- I must clarify that I do love Bill Clinton, but the line gets a little fuzzy as to whom Obama is racing against at times.

Still, the questions persisted about Mr. Clinton, who is scheduled to spend the week campaigning in South Carolina as Mrs. Clinton travels elsewhere. Mr. Obama, who would be the nation’s first black president, was asked about how the author Toni Morrison had bestowed that title on Mr. Clinton more than a decade ago.

“I think Bill Clinton did have an enormous affinity with the African-American community,” Mr. Obama said, praising Mr. Clinton for his longtime commitment to racial equality as a man who grew up in the South.

Lightening the moment, he added: “I would have to investigate more Bill’s dancing abilities and some of this other stuff before I accurately judged whether in fact he was a brother.”

A Quickie…

Votes are in – Hilary edged Obama by 3% and so the race is really neck in neck.  It’s hard to see where the Republicans are going to pull together, but time will tell…  Just wanted to shout out a quick “hello” before I go to the taping of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” – should definitely be some good jokes and riotous finger-pointing as Comedy Central tracks “Indecision 2008.”  In case you wanted to know, Daily Show as well as The Colbert Report went back on air as of yesterday, despite the Writer’s Guild Strike.  In watching the episodes, there seems to be an atmosphere of complete awkwardness as Jon Stewart is put into his “scab”-like situation while trying to cover the presidential primaries.  Anyhoo… check it out Wednesday on Comedy Central at 11:00pm, and look (or listen) for me in the audience!

Something to Share…

Just wanted to share this website: Very interesting! You can find out how much people are donating towards various candidates of the 2008 presidential race! What I like most is that they actually post the addresses of people, so you can search your zip code and spy on your neighbor’s donations, or look up celebrities and find out who they’re voting for AND where they live! Like, Taye Diggs supports Barrack Obama… and he lives on West 56th street… NOW I KNOW!