Just a fun little trick…

I’ll call this my “Discovery of the Month,” and it’s something even you can enjoy…

Did you know that you can add my blog to your Gmail homepage as a “gadget” sort of application? While looking at this blog (and I use Firefox, so it may be different on your computer) you see a little orange icon to the right of the web address. If you click on the icon, you should get to a screen that asks if you would like to “subscribe to this feed.” You can select which application you use, i.e. google or yahoo, then click “subscribe now.” You can then add it to your gmail homepage, so you can automatically see when I’ve posted a new blog.

How’s that for a discovery?!

Discovery on the Side… well, the East Side.

I thought this was pretty cool… after wandering through Chinatown on Saturday, I came across this building in the East Village:

Look familiar?

Led Zeppelin’s 1974 album, “Physical Graffiti”

It’s the discovery of the month! (Crap… I probably won’t be able to keep that up.)