Have I Told You Lately

That I love you? For reading this blog, that is. The funny thing about my page is the counter at the bottom. I think it’s past 1000 hits now… but I guarantee you that at least 300 of them were from me – because that’s how I link on to see and work on the page… probably 3-400 were my Mom… a couple hundred from Oma/Opa… and some honorary hits to other friends who I harass to read the blog and make comments. (Sidenote: I invented a word: comments on blogs = blogments.) If my page was only tracking unique hits, the number would probably be more like 18 or so. Maybe I’m wrong but probably not. So… what have I been up to lately? LOTS. Living and loving this city, basically. I have gotten way way way into my improv school, Upright Citizens Brigade (check out yesterday’s article in the NY Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/10/28/nyregion/thecity/28come.html?_r=1&oref=slogin.) I apologize… I haven’t learned how to successfully and easily add links into blogs. Feel free to blogment or blogscold me. The people in my class at UCB are amazingly brilliant and hilarious… we are all amazed at how well we get along, and frequently are commenting that we all remind each other of our friends from college. Tonight I went to a show at the UCB theater with some friends from the class – and I can’t complain about the $2 PBRs at the show! In other news, I have been attending as many dance classes as possible… though I’m not always the brightest star in the room (aka never). Tonight we did a dance from “Cats,” which was fun, but I looked like a feral amputee or something. On a totaly unrelated note… do you watch Lost? Because I just finished season 3 and ohmygodicantbelievehowgoodthatfreakingshowis! That’s really the reason I haven’t updated this page in so long (I know, pathetic). Hey, I had my first true NY celeb siting yesterday (I am not counting the not-quite-sure if that was Roger Bart running around the Jackie-O reservoir)… I saw Jeremy Sisto of Six Feet Under, Law & Order, and of course – Clueless! “Rollin’ with my homies…” I was downtown exploring the East Village after a failed attempt at Trader Joe’s, and nearly ran into him with a dumbfounded look on my face! So great. Okay… this entry is completely A.D.D… it’s time for bed.

An den….?

I apologize for the last tangent of a posting I just wrote. I swear that it started simply enough, but I got completely sidetracked while listening to Marlene Dietrich sing “Ich bin die fesche Lola!” Cake has got me back on track right now. SO. This week has been crazzzzy. Work is the busiest it has ever been – so I apologize for not updating this blog regularly like I have promised. Didn’t get a callback from my audition last weekend, but I didn’t really expect one, so it’s cool! No matter what, I appreciated the feedback I got from the auditor – he was extremely positive and encouraging! It made me really want to put myself out there and get involved. My improv class started last week – and this week’s class was AMAZING! Everyone there WANTS to be there, and they are all hilarious! I could tell from the get go, we were all going to get along really well. As we were all awkwardly riding down the elevator together after class, someone suggested grabbing a beer at a nearby bar – well, half the class came and we had a great time getting to know each other! It’s so refreshing to make new friends in a new city, and these guys are all BRILLIANT and hysterical! Definitely the sort of people I would have associated myself with in college. I am so looking forward to the next class! My dance classes are also going really well – my teacher encouraged me to come to a more advanced class last week (and by more advanced, I mean beginning theater). I attended the class, and it KICKED my butt! Such a great workout, and we choreographed an entire ensemble dance to a song from 110 in the Shade! I’m really looking forward to pushing myself harder and harder in those classes.

As for this weekend, my plans are this:
1. Dye my hair! (Thanks xtina for the hair dye)
2. Les Miz tonight (standing room only – 3hour show yay)
3. Delancey Lounge post-broadway musical
4. Breakfast in the East Village tomrorow morning
5. Reading
6. Spoon concert tomorrow evening with Jess
7. Church Sunday?
8. Another afternoon in Central Park
9. Dance class Sunday night
10. Catching up on my DVR-ed TV shows!

Sounds pretty fabulous, huh? Well, the rainy weather outside only encourages indoor activities right now… so I’m content with my proposed schedule. Okay, I have to finish up a little nonsense work before I can dye the hair! Happy Friday!

Just another New Yorker

So I guess I’m not as good at updating this thing as I would like to think… It’s a funny thing how I have all these ideas of what I want to write, but then I think about writing and I feel too tired, so then I wait until the next day but then I have twice as much to write, so I proscrasinate further… and so on and so forth. Well, my New York State Identification Card arrived in the mail today. Not the best photograph I have ever taken. Oh well. The IDs are so much different – flimsy, muted blue and red tones, a crazy hologram that gleams across the front. I haven’t even put it into my wallet yet, because it still doesn’t feel like it’s mine. I’m a “New Yorker” now. Something about that expiration date of 06-19-16 that makes me freak out a little. What does the future have in store for me? The ancient Mayans predicted that the world will come to an end in 2012. Will I still be living in New York? Because I think I would rather my last days were spent in a nice little cottage on the coast of California.

And scene.

I signed up for an Improv class at “Upright Citizens Brigade” – The Chicago-style improvisation theatre group founded by Amy Poehler, Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, and Matt Walsh. You can find a lot of funny YouTube videos filmed this Midtown West venue, featuring SNL regulars. Thanks to Jenson for entertaining us royally in her Improv 101 class’s final performance last weekend – it’s the very thing that inspired me to go the extra step! In other news (of how I’m draining my bank account), I’m taking a theatre dance class at Broadway Dance Center. It just started last Sunday night, and although I feel I am too advanced for the “Absolute Beginner’s Workshop,” it’s still fun to prance around with middle aged men, post-pregnancy moms, 50 year old primaballerinas, and newly-out flamboyant faires (well, I guess there was just one). I really enjoy the dancing in this class, though it’s quite simple right now. Having just seen “A Chorus Line” last week, it’s so fun to hop and skip around the bare floors, pretending it’s as elaborate as consecutive high-kicks. Gosh… that cast can DANCE. When I saw that show, it really inspired me to put myself out there and go for it! In the midst of this positive attitude, I scheduled an appointment for headshots, to be taken next week. I really scored an awesome deal with this photographer, so get excited for some new pictures! There’s an open casting call for Broadway shows in October, so I’m just hoping I can get my shots, a resume, and 32 bars together in time for the big day. Which reminds me… I really need to go out and buy something to wear in my pictures – I have nothing that really works! Well, I have to get into bed – work has been really busy this week, and I have a lot to do tomorrow. After work, it’s helping Jenson and Jess move their new couch several blocks (then being rewarded for my gallant efforts), and Saturday will hopefully yield good shopping weather, followed by a spectacular night at the “Super Diamond” concert (a Neil Diamond cover band)!