Simpy Gorgeous

I can’t get over how beautiful this city is. I know, you’re thinking, “New York? Beautiful?” The truth is… yes. It’s astonishingly gorgeous. The last couple weeks, I have been spending more time outside, running through the park and exploring parts of the city I had never before seen. Thanks to the spring weather and temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s, more and more New Yorkers are outside enjoying the lovely April we have been given. I have never seen so many tulips. Seriously. I love that the people here take such consideration as to plant tulips in little boxes on the sidewalks where canines would normally urinate, were it not for the cast iron fencing surrounding the precious bulbs. If you live in New York, I highly recommend taking a short trip to the Conservatory Garden, or “Secret Garden” on the east side of Central Park at 106th street. There are hundreds of flower varieties in full bloom this week, with lovely magnolia trees shading the benches and statues. And my parents are coming to town this week! I’m looking forward to more park walks… and yes… the Yankees versus Red Sox game tomorrow. 🙂

Weekends in October

Today I had the pleasure of a free day. After a lazy morning indoors, I retreated out to the wild streets of upper Manhattan. And I mean wild. I got at least three scornful looks from Botox-injected Park avenue princesses within ten minutes – probably directed towards my $2 rubber flip flops paired with my $20 Target dress. [It’s pronounced “Tar-jaay”] I couldn’t care less on this day. After a pleasant walk down Madison Avenue to the East 70’s (note aforementioned scorning session), I ventured into the area of Central Park infested with New Yorkers who just can’t get enough of the outdoors. At first I thought it was a rare breed, or even tourists – these people who were always lounging in the grass, playing frisbee, or roller skating down the sidewalk… but I realized that that is just how many Manhattanites actually behave. Unlike California, where great weather is hardly scare, New York experiences a solid “Winter” which excludes this sort of outdoor gallavanting. The people of the East Coast seem to be more appreciative of a beautiful early autumn day, and not a moment of precious sunshine goes to waste. (Note: The picture here was taken this afternoon by the Boathouse in Central Park.) After my enjoyable excursion through the park this afternoon, I couldn’t help but wonder how it is I got so lucky to end up here. I strolled back to the 77th and Lex subway station and chatted with my brother, Kyle, about what a beautiful day I had. I guess I should go outside as much as possible to enjoy these last days of summer (trust me, it’s still hot enough here to consider October 7th summer) before a chilly breeze will set itself propelling through the streets of the spectacular city. Happy birthday Dad!