Marcel Marceau

Okay… my big news is here: This is Marcel Marceau, my new kitten! He is sweet, smart, and sassy… and sick at the moment. So that’s why I haven’t updated until right at this moment… 😦 I feel bad for the little guy – he won’t eat or drink, and I force fed him some baby food mixed with water, like my mom told me AND the ASPCA wrote – but it just made him sick (on both ends). Please pray for my little baby… he was active and playful after his session in the litterbox, but I’m still worried.

Cat Scratch Fever

I want to get a kitten. I went to the ASPCA by my house yesterday, and spent some time viewing the kittens with some volunteers at the shelter. It took all my willpower not to take one home with me right then and there. Brian and I are going to go back to the shelter together, because I’d like my future kitty to socialize with both of us! The trip was so awesome, and it made me want to volunteer at the shelter. I put in a request to volunteer with the dogs, so I’m excited for my first training session in October! Imagine me, walking down Fifth Avenue, ten leashes in tow… classic. But back to the kitty… yeah, I’m excited for a kitty.