Hero Harrells

This morning I woke up late, leisurely enjoying my morning and heading out solo to explore the wonders of magical Venezia.  Decked in my “Venice” outfit, a long striped shirt and dark sunglasses, I was set on having the most fantastic day imaginable.  A quick stop for coffee and a snack, wandering the streets, and then finally settling into a nice little wine bar for a glass of wine and free WiFi.  To my surprise, I saw emails from home and Facebook posts galore, concerning the FIRE that broke out at my neighbor’s home in Alamo – and that my father and brother were absolute heroes, jumping over the fence and running into the burning house to rescue the two people that lived there, as well as their family dog.  Then after that madness, my parent’s roof also caught fire, but was luckily put out without an extraordinary amount of damage.  This was not quite what I was expecting to encounter on my internet browsing this afternoon, but WOW.  I am so proud of my family for the way they helped in this emergency, and also so happy that in just two weeks I will be home with the entire family.  You never do know what surprises life will throw at you sometimes… I am so thankful that no one was hurt and that everything in this situation is reparable.  So for now… I will just enjoy the last couple weeks I have exploring this amazing Mediterranean area, but this was a big shock that woke me up, and now I think I’m ready to be home with the hero Harrells.

For the newspaper article, click here.

One thought on “Hero Harrells

  1. Linda May 7, 2012 / 10:49 am

    we do what we can to have a life as exciting as yours! : ) Seriously, all is well and it may have been the “best thing” for them to sort out what will happen for the rest of their lives. Life is unpredictable, that is the only certainty

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