Halfway between two worlds

Just sitting here in the Denver airport right now waiting for my transfer to fly to Newark.  Yesterday marked the end of our rehearsal process prior to departing on the Silver Wind.  And what a whirlwind of an experience it was!  I feel like I had my ass whipped into shape for singing and dancing.  This is a seriously talented group of people, both on the creative behind-the-scenes side and on stage.  I feel so blessed to have this opportunity, and I still haven’t quite grasped the reality of what I’m doing.  I imagine that I’ll still be in disbelief that this is my life until the first time I hear applause from our audience.  Our first show, by the way, will be four days into our first cruise (Athens to Dubai) and is called “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” (our Motown show).  Besides the Motown show, we are presenting an all-ABBA show, an opera show, a pop show (in which I will be portraying Lady Gaga – oh yes), a cabaret show featuring Billy Joel songs, and then each of our individual cabaret shows.  I’m bringing my guitar along and will also have an acoustic set.  Lots of music, lots of singing, dancing, smiling, entertaining. This is sure to be an amazing experience.

Aside from what we worked on creatively, it was so wonderful to cultivate new relationships with entertainers from all over America while we were in Las Vegas.  The entire group at Choozi Entertainment was been mind-blowing in their breadth of creativity, imagination and positivity.  They have taken our individual strengths into account and allowed those parts to shine throughout our shows.  In one of our shows aboard the Silver Wind, two of our cast members will don stilts!  And all the other singers that I met were fantastic.  I even met an awesome group of New York-based performers that I’ll hopefully connect with between now and when our ships depart.

Peter and I at all-you-can-eat-Sushi (and we did)
With Camilla in Red Rock (we went to college together at UCSB!)
With Kris, Anastasia and Jovani, seeing "Human Nature"
With Wendee, "Elvis" and Kathleen - at "Legends: In Concert"

The last few days in Vegas were especially great because my Dad booked a last minute trip out and spent time watching our rehearsals and hanging out with me.  It was great to spend time with him while working – and I think he had a great time!

So at this point, I have to just solidify what exactly I’m presenting in my individual cabaret show.  We found out that there will be an instrumental combo on board the ship that might possibly be available to play with us, so I’d like to bring charts for some jazz standards I sang in college with my jazz combo.  Just another possibility.  Why not, right?

Okay so just for fun, I’m going to try adding something on this blog I’ve never used a before, a poll!  In which city along my journey do you think I’m most likely to be mistaken for a local?

I am so looking forward to getting back to my own bed in New York tonight.  Though it will be a little bittersweet without having Marcel to curl up with.  But it sounds like he’s doing great at the Harrell household in California!  Tomorrow (after hopefully sleeping in), it’s back to working out with my Insanity videos (thanks Krystle), drilling our choreography and music, finalizing travel plans, and catching up with my New York buddies!

Final thought:  I just finished reading the Hunger Games series a few minutes ago.  WOW.

5 thoughts on “Halfway between two worlds

  1. Cynthia Thurber October 20, 2011 / 2:43 pm

    Dear Ashley:

    I cannot tell you how much I enjoy reading about your adventures. I have had many friends through the years who made their living performing on ships sailing to exotic places and they enjoyed it immensely. It sounds as if you are having a ball.

    Hope to see you sometime here in SB or when I visit NYC next. Sending you lots of love and best wishes for your continued success.


    Cynthia Thurber

    • ashharrell October 27, 2011 / 10:42 am

      Thanks so much Cynthia! It’s great to hear from you and receive your words of encouragement. I hope you are doing well, and definitely let me know if you are planning a visit out to NYC!

  2. Linda October 20, 2011 / 3:38 pm

    great pictures and YES- Dad had an amazing time! (says he’s pooped though) keep up the blogging, LOVE it!

  3. Grandma Dee October 20, 2011 / 4:40 pm

    Oh, Ashley, Such excitement you must feel to be on another adventure. To be able to see those exotic places and interact with your fellow entertainers, will be so enriching. The more we learn about our craft and ourselves, the farther we can go in life. Remember to hang on for dear life. You don’t want to fall off this rollercoaster.

  4. Lore Duser October 24, 2011 / 10:08 pm

    Great post. I tried to post a comment while at the coast and it would not go. Now I forgot what I said. In spirit I will be travelling with you. All you have to do is to fill in the gaps. Have a wonderful adventure. I am so happy for you.

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