Thinking Positively

The last couple weeks have been a real wake-up for me.  After being seen at the American Idiot Tour audition two weeks ago, I was reminded that I am absolutely born to work in musical theater and I am exactly where I need to be.  Last week I met with a coach who is giving me a ‘repertoire makeover,’ and I’m expecting her rep recommendations sometime next week.  After listening to me sing and talking about my career aspirations, she will give me a list, sheet music and recordings of at least 40 songs.  Sounds great, right?  She also gave me the push I needed to sign up for acting classes, so I am thrilled to start with the Matthew Corozine Studio (after being heavily influenced by my friend Peter) in April.  Actually, Peter was a huge inspiration for me.  He was just cast in the titular role in “Tommy” at the Media Theater in PA.  Got his equity card, is going to get great recognition for his outstanding abilities, and he even got a huge highway billboard with his naked upper body advertising the show: “Tommy – Featuring Peter Kriss!”  It’s so outstanding to see his success and it’s motivating me to find the same.  So today I’m at Starbucks on 49th and 8th Ave… waiting a few more minutes before I’m allowed to head back over to Telsey (HUGE casting company).  I got there early this morning for the EPA Call for RENT at New World Stages and was the 31st person on the Non-Equity list.  There didn’t seem to be too many Equity actors there – so fingers crossed that I’m actually seen today!  If not, there’s the ECC tomorrow and the Open Call on Friday.  But really, there’s no day but today.

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