Underappreciated Electronics

Last weekend I met up with a friend (with whom I am writing a top-secret show – more later), who owns a record player. Sifting through his large collection of obscure records yielded some quality material for listening whilst working. It really got me thinking about music, my love for it, and that certain nostalgia a true music lover has for his or her vinyl. I remember growing up and looking at all my Dad’s old records, from the Beatles to Earth Wind and Fire. I remember even having my own Sesame Street record. Why don’t I have records anymore? Because I don’t have a record player.

On Sunday afternoon, I headed to the hipster-capital of NYC (also a hot spot of musicians, artists, and vinyl collectors) and visited three different record stores. One of the employees highly recommended the Audio-Technical PL-120 as the record player “to have.” For the sound and product quality, it’s extremely affordable, and all the online reviews echo his sentiments. From there, acquiring an original collection can be fun, easy, and cheap. Just hit up garage sales, thrift stores, and craigslist ads. So – now I know my first purchase after getting out of credit card debt. Rock on!

4 thoughts on “Underappreciated Electronics

  1. Ashley February 24, 2009 / 9:10 pm

    Yes, I saw that too! Too bad I missed it…

  2. Randy February 24, 2009 / 10:53 pm

    I’ve got plenty of records when you get your player. Make sure you also get the 45RPM speed to play all the old singles also.

  3. Aunt I February 24, 2009 / 11:03 pm

    my mother in law received one of these for Christmas… do you want me to look into it? U Scot is a phenomenal online shopper… could be a great gift…..

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