Quick Update

I bought a lottery ticket for Friday’s Mega Millions and, unfortunately, did not win. So much for my loft/production studio in DUMBO.

On Saturday I explored BoCoCa (I told you there were more crazy neighborhood names) – it’s an area South of Downtown Brooklyn, named for the trio of Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill, and Carroll Gardens. It was a very cute neighborhood that I loved! I tried to do a “Know York,” but realized I was grossly unprepared in terms of maps, camera, and winter wear. Jess met up with me and we saw “Doubt,” followed by my new favorite vegan restaurant, Wild Ginger.

On Saturday night, I rediscovered my love of online Mahjong solitaire.

I’m writing a sketch right now that I need to finish up before bed… hopefully it’s funny!

One thought on “Quick Update

  1. Lore January 26, 2009 / 12:22 pm

    Good going Ashley. I just asked a question but quickly deleted it, shouldn’t do it publicly. Maybe you can read my mind. Good luck, be well. Your loving Oma

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