I didn’t end up making through to be seen at today’s open call for Mamma Mia.  A huge problem with auditioning for Broadway musicals is the fact that they are unionized… and I’m not a member of the Actors Equity Association.  Tight rules and strict enforcers today ensured that the 50 or so non-equity members would not be seen, due to high turnout of equity members.  This was quite disappointing.  Here was my day:

  • 8:00AM Wake up, and get ready.
  • 9:30AM Arrive at Chelsea Studios to put name on the list.
  • 11:00AM Return home, shower and make myself beautiful for audition.
  • 1:30PM Arrive at Chelsea Studios to await my audition time.
  • 1:47PM Told by equity monitor that we wouldn’t be seen.
  • 2:00PM Wallowed in self-pity and walked home because I didn’t want to spend money on transit.
  • 5:00PM Came to Chelsea Studios one last time to try and be seen by the casting director.  Unsuccessful.
The stressful situation is… you can hardly audition for an equity musical without being a current equity member, and you can’t become an equity member without doing an equity show.  Arrrggghhh!

2 thoughts on “Catch-22

  1. A view from the middle December 3, 2008 / 5:10 pm

    and then you get up the next day and keep repeating until they are smart enough to cast you and get you that coveted equity card!xoxo Mom (biggest fan)

  2. Ingrid December 3, 2008 / 5:22 pm

    … and then you cut a clever video of your experience including a cute “Eli Stone” style musical bit… send it in and get called back proactively.DON’T GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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