Who said vegan food didn’t taste good?

I recently checked out a book from the NY Public Library – a bestselling book on weight loss, entitled “Skinny Bitch.”  I had heard from a few sources that it would completely change the way you look at food and what you put into your body.  I read about four chapters before I realized that it was a brainwash into veganism.  Which worked on me.

I briefly dated a sudo-vegan in college, and I thought it was crazy not to eat meat or animal products.  Now, here I am, over one month into a vegan lifestyle.  I have made a couple exceptions for myself however: I didn’t throw out any of my leather, and I still eat honey.  Other than that, it’s animal-free for me!  And I haven’t felt this good in a while… I have more energy, I spend more time creating unique meals, and I’ve already lost a few pounds.
I try not to talk about it too much, because I have found that most people instantly snap into an argumentative mode, and I quite frankly don’t want to argue with someone about what I do or do not put into my body.  It’s not hard at all to supplement your diet with other sources of protein and nutrients that are normally found in animal products.  The idea that humans have to drink cow’s milk to have healthy bones is an absolute lie that has been instilled by “Got milk?” ads.  I am perfectly healthy and have never felt better!  And the food I have been eating is delicious.  Sure, it might be hard to find something easily at a restaurant, but it can be done (I don’t even eat out at restaurants very often).
I have been enjoying more vegetables and fruits than ever before, and I can’t believe how quickly one month went by!  My original plan was to try veganism out for a month, see how I felt, and then decide whether or not to keep going.  I take it one day at a time, but I haven’t fallen to any cravings.  Did I mention I also haven’t had caffeine in a month?  This is coming from the girl who used to drink a french press of coffee every day.  
Now… if only the holidays weren’t approaching with their butter and cream-filled temptations…

4 thoughts on “Who said vegan food didn’t taste good?

  1. A view from the middle November 12, 2008 / 2:07 am

    To be better informed as to what you’ve read I’ll try to get a copy of the book and take a look.I’m not judging, just worried about how to feed you for two weeks!xoxoMom

  2. Lore November 12, 2008 / 12:32 pm

    Interesting. Stay healthy. That is the main thing and the earlier you start with good habits, the better off you are in the long run. I have a good example here at home right now. Both my sisters are 4 and 5 years younger than I am but I think I am way healthier. This desire has to come from within, however.Stay happy, your loving Oma

  3. Maureen Hoff November 13, 2008 / 11:18 am

    good for you! that is pretty much how i eat too and it makes me feel SO good! i haven’t ever done a strict vegan diet before, but i rarely have animal products. only on special occasions i guess! and milk is just gross. haha!

  4. Kristin November 17, 2008 / 11:38 pm

    hi Ash!! I read this book too and was very moved, though I was not able to change my diet… I have been inspired by you! Where do you get your recipes that you like? When I looked into it I could only find boring salads, etc.Hope all is well in New York, and let me know when you are returning to Danville. Maybe we can meet up!?!? Lots of love,Kristin

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