And Who’s Having the Best Day Ever?!

Me!  Well, yesterday, that is.  

I guess you could say I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately – not sure if I’m becoming a jaded New Yorker, or if it’s just the extreme humidity affecting my perception of fun.  

Either way, all that flew out the window yesterday as I had THE BEST DAY EVER.  Nothing particularly fun happened – I went about my ways as any other day, including a full eight hours of work and another performance of the production I’m in, but for whatever reason, the stars aligned and I smiled.
It started off with a great workout – a great way to start a great day.  Follow that with a fresh berry smoothie and a productive day of work.  When I got home, I received an email asking me to audition for a new musical called “Nudists in Love” (my audition is this Saturday.)  Took a midday break to get frozen yogurt with Brian (two for the price of one AND free sprinkles) and discussed with him our plans for apartment living, post-August.  Came home and was informed by fellow UCB-er, Sydney, that new classes had been posted online for the next course in our series of improv education.  Minutes later, while on the phone with my Mom, she got a call on the other line and found out that her recent biopsy showed the irregularity in her breast was benign (BEST PART OF MY DAY!)  About an hour later, I was called by the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, letting me know that I was chosen as a new intern starting next week and they would refund me the $325 I just spent on an upcoming Sketch Writing class.  Had a late lunch/early dinner of the infamous dish in my family: “Fish in Foil,” then headed to the Hell’s Kitchen area for another performance of my show.  Had a GREAT performance, with a wonderfully receptive audience (including some friends: Maureen, Angie, and Ilya – thanks for coming!), then finished up my day with a lovely margarita-esque beverage with Ilya after the show.  Walking back to the subway, I received a phone call asking me to audition for ANOTHER musical, “Central Park,” sometime this weekend.  After getting back home, I spoke with my Mom, who let me know she purchased a mandoline and food processor for me.  Umm…. hello?!  Am I in an alternate universe folks?  Freaking BEST DAY EVER.

5 thoughts on “And Who’s Having the Best Day Ever?!

  1. Maureen Hoff June 27, 2008 / 9:26 am

    glad your day was so wonderful!! it was fun getting to see you perform and hear your voice again! :)glad to hear the good news about your mama too!

  2. Lore June 27, 2008 / 11:03 am

    So happy for you. That is almost an overload of stuff to digest for an old lady. That’s o.k. as long as good things are happening to you I am happy for you. Oma

  3. A view from the middle June 27, 2008 / 6:14 pm

    I can see the smile on your face as you describe the day. Fantastic- everyone deserves such a day once in a while. Glad I could be a small part of it.xoxo Love you!Mom

  4. Randy June 28, 2008 / 9:32 pm

    I love hearing about your great days! Break a leg on your auditions. Love, Dad

  5. gram July 8, 2008 / 8:39 pm

    Hi Ashley, I finally found your blog again after my computer crashed. Got it from your Uncle Larry. So glad you are having a great day, week, month? Yes, it was good news about your Mom. LOve you Grandma

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