Drink lots of water

In a recent attempt to prepare for bathing suit season (though I don’t anticipate as much beach-going as last year), I joined up at New York Sports Club and decided to get into shape. I was previously a member at Synergy Fitness, located only down my street. Ahh Synergy. The gymnasium equivalent of a dive bar, minus the charm. My new place actually runs high powered central air (what a concept!), offers group classes, and has a pool! [Insert bathing suit season here.] I actually enjoy going to the gym again, because it’s a wonderful facility. In fact, I just came from the best workout I’ve had in months… 50 minutes of INTENSE indoor cycling, a.k.a. “spinning.” That is a (Oma/Opa, please excuse my upcoming expletive) fucking outrageous workout. My legs sort of feel like jello right now. Oh, did I mention that New York City is melting right now? I literally got stuck in the tar on my street walking home. Thank God I have an air conditioner in my room…

3 thoughts on “Drink lots of water

  1. A view from the middle June 10, 2008 / 11:07 am

    yes, do drink lots of water.My swim last night was a bit abbreviated due to horrific foot cramps, likely due to inadequate hydration. Stay cool! I’m amazed how much you have going, work, a crazy rehearsal schedule and still you make time for workout- very good!xoxo Mom

  2. Lore June 10, 2008 / 12:12 pm

    That too shall pass. I am sure you will do everything right. Oma

  3. Lore June 10, 2008 / 7:53 pm

    Ashley I have to say it, forgive me, but there should be no reason why Opa and I should have to be offended by an explicit you write. A young lady of your intelligence, beauty and poise should not ever need to use a profane word and I am so glad to say: you almost never do. We love you with all our hearts, Oma

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