While My Laundry Spins

My company just bought a new laptop for me to use for work, and so here I am – sitting in the laundromat around the corner, picking up someone’s free wireless signal.  Ce la vie…  

Big news!  I was just cast in a “revue” of sorts, classified “Off Off Broadway,” at the Medicine Show Theater Company.  We are putting on a series of short plays entitled “Pleasures of Peace.”  I am so excited for my New York stage debut!  We are in a few weeks of intense rehearsals at the moment, and we open on June 12th for a three week run.  The company is very conceptual and free-thinking, and I already feel that I have learned so much.  Our director is an Obie award winner and has provided us with a great environment that fosters creativity in many unique ways.  I’ll post later with more details of show times, etc.
Also – my brother Travis is coming to visit me today!  He’s currently en route from Denver to New York, the third leg of his day-long journey.  We have made quite extravagant plans for the holiday weekend, including a Broadway musical, a Yankees game, a UCB improv show, and lots and lots of sightseeing.  In the midst of all this excitement, we also need to create and mail off our “Amazing Race” audition video.  That’s right, The Amazing Race.  Wouldn’t we be such a great duo for that show?  Travis is now finally 21, so we get to enjoy the double bonus of hanging out in bars together and applying for CBS reality shows.  Splendid!
Let’s see… what else is new?  My UCB 301 level class is nearly over, and so we have another class show coming up.  Check it out at the UCB Theater on 26th St and 8th Ave, next Sunday, June 1st at 4pm – $5!
Hopefully the sun comes out soon!

2 thoughts on “While My Laundry Spins

  1. Lore May 23, 2008 / 11:03 am

    I can’t believe I am first. Sounds like the excitement is building. Of coarse I wish you great success. Have a wonderful time with Travis. We’ll be thinking of you. Oma

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