A Few Things…

  • I didn’t get jury duty. I ended up being called into one of the cases as a “possible” juror, my name was selected from the spinning bingo cage and I was interviewed alongside 17 other potentials. Comedy gold. Wasn’t selected after one man contaminated our entire group with a hilarious speech on the reasons we wouldn’t trust the bowtie-clad defense attorney. In other news, I did cut a fresh mango for the first time. My new Wüsthof knife cuts through it very nicely. (Thanks O/O)
  • Had a fancy dinner with Brian for his birthday at Jean-Georges’s Spice Market: Kumquat Mojitos, a nice California Viognier, Black Pepper Shrimp with sun-dried pineapple, Charred Chili Rubbed Beef Skewer with thai basil dipping sauce, Crab Cake salad, Cod with Malaysian chili sauce and thai basil, Char Grilled Chicken with kumquat lemongrass dressing, and “Ovaltinefi Kulfi,” a rich chocolate cake with caramelized banana, spiced milk chocolate sauce, and toffee popcorn. The atmosphere was incredible, very good service, the food was very nice, but a little over seasoned (and over-hyped), in my opinion.
  • Recently saw “Spring Awakening” for the first time. Got on-stage seats and was blown away by the entire experience. Spoke with the show’s stars afterwards and became completely inspired. Think I am going to audition for the show, but don’t think I will be cast – being a super tall giant and all. Hmm… can I pass for 15?
  • Don’t think I updated on this… recently went through the entire audition process for the National Tour of “Spelling Bee.” Had three auditions that went pretty well – did not get cast, but the experience put my reason for being in New York back on my mind.
  • Signed up to walk in the NYC Aids Walk 2008. Check out my personal page and support the cause!
  • Lots of improv shows coming up if you’re in the New York area: Sir Reality performing this Friday, May 16th 10pm at the Sage Theater, 711 Seventh Ave, 2nd Fl.; Upright Citizens Brigade 301 class show Sunday, June 1st 4pm at the UCB Theater, 307 W 26th St.; Sir Reality on Friday, June 6th 10pm at Gotham City Improv, 48 W 21st St, 8th Fl.
  • Last night I was lucky enough to see “SAVED, A New Musical,” based on the movie of the same title. (Thank you Nick!!!) Um… can we say…. Fantastic? It’s playing at the Playwrights Horizon Mainstage on 42nd Street, and it is… perfect. Amazing cast and ensemble, effectively minimal set design, beautiful music and satirical in so many ways. I highly recommend that you get your ass over to see this show. It just opened a few days ago, and it needs our city’s support! Oh, by the way, we saw George Wendt there.
  • I think that’s mostly everything I needed to update on. Gosh, I have gotten so bad about keeping up this thing.

2 thoughts on “A Few Things…

  1. A view from the middle May 12, 2008 / 11:57 am

    Glad to see you posting again! MISSED your blog! Sure wish I could easily “get my ass” over to that show. . . .xxoo Mom

  2. Lore May 17, 2008 / 3:39 pm

    My tired a just got home from Santa Barbara last night. We had traffic from hell. What should have taken us 6 hrs. too closer to 9. There are some crazy people out there on the highways. We had a good time though. It was fum spending some time with Travis. Also saw a school of dolphins frolicking offshore on Thursday night. Fun stuff. Oma

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