For an Aveda-salon (trainee) haircut, twenty bucks sounds pretty good.  But here’s the catch, you have to sign your life away with the waiver at the front desk.  Reading over it, things sounded over the top, but I signed and dated like a happy little chipmunk.  Yeah…. not doing that again.  Check out the bangs – what about dramatic angle DIDN’T she understand?!  Actually, I’m seriously doubting this girl’s ability to understand English…

Before and then After:

I’m seriously pissed off right now.  My bangs are so short that I cannot even push them back with a headband.  This conjures fond memories of the time I voluntarily cut my bangs at the tender age of [Mom, insert age here].  They were dubbed my “porn star bangs”.  So there you go Mom, I moved to NYC and got porn star bangs again.  Crap…. I have two auditions in the next four days and I look like THIS!

2 thoughts on “Haircut

  1. Linda December 1, 2007 / 1:08 am

    laughing OUT LOUD! I’m going to have to dig out the picture of you with the self made porn star bangs (circa 1987). and, you also dolled yourself up with my mascara when I was in the shower, thankfully you have since learned the art of makeup! Don’t fuss the bangs, you have amazing talent which the producers will see. find a way to “artfully” comb your bangs (maybe call Donald Trump) and then play up those amazing eyes of yours. One look at those eyes, one note from that voice . . . no worries! xxoo Mom (still laughing)

  2. Lore December 1, 2007 / 10:15 pm

    Ashley, that is a horrible experience when something goes so much against the way you had envioned it. I think the one with the cat is really cute. The good thing about haircuts: It always grows out and you know how you will approach the whole thing next time. No matter what, you look really cute. Good luck at your auditions. Love, Oma

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