50 days…

Santa Barbara is shrouded in a thick layer of clouds at this moment. It’s really quite depressing to live in a place so beautiful during the month of January, then summer comes along with the inevitable “June Gloom” phase. It’s strange to think that in just a couple months, this small annoyance with delayed summer sun will become a distant memory. Instead, I’ll be sweltering in 100% humidity and longing for the slightest whisper of a cool ocean breeze. Countdown until my cross-country expedition: 50 days. In roughly 1200 hours, I begin the next chapter of my life. I don’t think any one event in my 23 years will compare to the drastic change that will come with traveling over 3000 miles to my new home, New York City. For anyone reading this, whether you identify as my relative, my friend, or a creepy online stalker that has nothing better to do, the goal of this blog is to update you on my experiences, adventures, observations, and encounters with the greatest city in the world.

Welcome to Ash in the City.

One thought on “50 days…

  1. Linda June 25, 2007 / 2:21 pm

    Excellent- I’ll be sure to keep your blog as a favorite and read your entries as they emerge. What an amazing adventure you have in front of you! ENJOY

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